The Easybooth offers the opportunity to provide approved passport photographs to customers as well as generating additional revenue thanks to exclusive fun options and digital printing service. It is simple to use, provides high quality printing and it can guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. By using infrared or blue tooth technology the customer is able to print digital photographs on high quality photographic paper.

The Easy booth is ideal for high profile busy locations such as supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, railway stations and leisure environments. This booth offers a unique chance to develop your activity with its multiple services and large range of products. The booth is entirely configurable and will meet market needs. The visual appearance of the booth is undeniably distinct and complementary to all environments.

The fun backgrounds are exclusive to Photo-Me and unique in the fun photographic market. Finally it allows the camera phone user to get immediate printing of their images: a service that will benefit from the booming digital picture market!

All Photo-Me photobooths meet the ICAO standards therefore providing identity photographs suitable for passports, driving licences and all official documents. The Easybooth is simple to use and provides passport photographs, portraits, mini CV’s and fun photos.