Revolution launderette

The new generation of automatic launderette

Performance and simplicity

Equipped with high capacity washing machines (8 and 18 kg), this launderette is ideal for washing large or heavy loads such as duvets, blankets and pillows.

A washing cycle lasts approximately 30 minutes… Do some shopping in the supermarket proposing this service and your laundry is clean and dry when you come back !

Washing liquid provided: a real asset for the customer

As an added service to the customer, a built-in pump

releases a specially designed neutral and mild washing liquid. The highly concentrated washing liquid, free

of phosphates, colouring agents and preservatives, meets the EU ECOLABEL standards. In accordance with EU standard 648/200/CE, it is hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. The washing liquid has a pleasant fragrance and has been elaborated by a professional perfumer.

The customer just comes with his laundry and does’nt have to worry about dosage.

Washing machine with high spin speed

The washed laundry has a residual humidity of 50% instead of 80% with a classical washing machine ; the faster the spin, the better the laundry is to handle.

Economic and ecological launderette

Controlled power consumption: the boiler only heats the water when the dryer is not operated. The energy saving dryer reduces power consumption and LED lights use less energy than standard lighting.

The launderette only requires 10 KW (compared to 30 KW for a classical washing

machine), a performance unrivalled by the competition!

Compliant with european disability access regulations

Accessibility for our disabled customers has been a priority in the design of this launderette from the start. The machines and touchpads are at the legally required height, thus combining a beautiful design with easy access for all our customers.